Stitching back lost opportunities: Aurora’s story



It is never too late.

Lost in time somewhere in far, far away; you’re trapped in a castle you never wished to stay. With a prick of a needle and a curse, your chance to explore the world has vanished and you’ve been left all alone, vulnerable, waiting for a true love’s kiss. A century had passed, you will be awakened with thousands of things and memories you missed. Reality will then sink in.

Imagine your life like sleeping beauty, almost endlessly dreaming of infinite possibilities; missing out the wonders of life, and exciting things to watch out for outside that tall castle. After being consumed in a deep lullaby, how would you face the reality you do not know?

Catching up

The kingdom may be in awe for their princess had opened her eyes and rejoice for her prince had finally found her. But for me, Aurora, I would snatch you away from your palace, from the hands of the place that caged you for almost forever.

We will wander together, Aurora, because I know how it feels—to be trapped and didn’t know how to escape. Time may have eaten your supposed-to-be opportunities but you have to remember it will be never too late. Let us have a glimpse of what the world has been.

Hand in hand we will travel without knowing what’s next. The thrill would get into our spine and goose bumps all over our skin as we divulge the unknown. Nervous laughter would fill the air, feeling giddy every moment and every second.

I would be your guide even if I do not have a clue where to go because the excitement starts there, never knowing what to expect.

Travel Destination

Unknowingly, we set our feet in a place where it’s our first time to see. Our eyes would glimmer, heart beats roaring from amusement

Together we would fly to Paris, have dinner at the top of Eiffel tower as the cool wind kisses our skin from up above. We would snap photos in Arc de Triomphe, scream at the top of our lungs inside Notre Dame de Paris just because.


Photo credits to my good friend, Jean Pagtalunan


We would get lost upon strolling around, never giving a single care at all. That’s how we would enjoy—getting lost in the city of love. Next stop, in the land of Hawaii where we would swim with the dolphins and surf as we catch the waves; soak up under the sun, getting our skin tanned.

In fact, our destination doesn’t really matter for every twinkling second is what always counts. What matters is your happiness for me, exploring hundreds of things you almost missed.

With this we would end every day with a nice walk at the beach, staring as the sun sets and clears on the horizon and feeling our soul with that indefinable sensation.

End of the road

We would go around the world until you want, I’ll just be by your side and see that sparkle in your eyes. We would both appreciate the beauty that this world could offer, be filled with every bit of wonder we both discover.

Until your feet couldn’t make it, we would never stop. Until the lost time catches your bones and spine, old age catching up and weakening your whole body, it is not yet the end of the road.

Not knowing when nor how we still chose to walk hand in hand. Till your last breath Aurora, hope would fill my heart, wishing what we did was enough. Until you went back to a deep sleep, having one last look at the last sunset you would see.


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