Once Upon a Time in a Pool of Lies

We were all once a kid who loved the stories of fairy tales and happy endings–where the goodness prevails and conquers the evil.

We were once frightened by the dark magic and wicked schemes of the Ravenna the Evil Witch, Mother Gothel, Maleficent, Jafar,  Anastacia and Drizella the Stepsisters, Captain Hook, the King and Queen of Hearts, and Ursula.

They were characters in every book who we hated for bringing misfortune to our beloved princesses and princes. Their tales taught us to never take the footsteps of the likes of these antagonists for they are ‘bad’ examples.

Or so we thought.

Credits to “Pinocchio and the Strings of Lies” Facebook Page

“Pinocchio and the Strings of Lies” directed by Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts students Danica Mae David and Rose Camille Marcos brought into life never-before-seen stories of the antagonists we knew when we were young. The ones who we thought that darkness had taken them and that their hearts were tainted.

It was all about a young boy who wished that one day he would be real and has a soul like any other boys—Pinocchio. And with his desire for his dream to come true came with an agreement, a deal was made for this to be fulfilled.

For Pinocchio, consequences did not matter for as long as he would be a real boy thus this resulted in various conflicts among the characters mentioned. It turned out that these antagonists we knew when we were little did their evil schemes because of Pinocchio—all the sake for his own yearnings.

This wasn’t in the book we all read thus Thirvian Productions brought in a new flavor for us to taste and enjoy. Well enough, bringing the antagonists in the scene made it a trip down on memory lane for these were the characters that most of us knew. It wasn’t only remembering what was the original stories we knew by heart but also reminiscing our childhood.

The portrayal of roles was also a mixture of the good and the bad—some did establish their roles well too and some did not. (Well at least for me) I can say I’ve expected a lot from the Exit Production of these students since I could recall how good ZsaZsa Zaturnnah was, and not to mention the ticket price which costs a hundred peso.

But then a few of my favorites were Maleficent because among all, I’d taken a liking to her singing voice. It seemed to be effortless for her to be there upstage and hit a few of the high notes though it could have been more heartfelt. The other was Evil Queen for the whole getup was spot on especially her face and lastly, Anastacia and Drizella as they really did a great job with their actions and such just like in the Cinderella animated movie. Though overall, a better delivery of their lines and pronunciation of words will be much appreciated for the sound system inside the venue was not really good at all for it was really difficult understanding their throwing of lines.

While the characters did their very best with their portrayal of roles, the setting definitely added up to making the whole vibe of leading the audience to another dimension. They managed to be creative yet flexible as they maximized the limited space they had and put all the characters in place quite well with all the props and other stuff going around. Not to mention, the live band playing for their original music compositions which they already did before but still impressive.

All throughout, it was yet another job well done for all the students of Theater Arts despite some shortcomings or drawbacks but still managed to pull it all off. Through the years, the students kept improving and improving which of course, a really good sign that they all pour their heart out into this.

Again, Thirvian Productions’ piece took us on a tour at some side story why the bad characters we knew from our favorite fairy tales did the most hateful plans. A side story which we would all surely appreciate and add within our wildest imaginations.

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Meet the Casts, Production Head and Staff of “Pinocchio and the String of Lies”

Production Manager: Faith Sangil
Assistant Production Manager: Ryan Renzo Calma
Playwrights: Princess Anne Jacinto and Pauline Martinez
Directors: Danica Mae David and Rose Camille Marcos
Music and Lyrics by: Joash Isaac Santiago
Musical Directors: Joash Isaac Santiago and Akira May Talavera
Stage Managers: Kamille Valenzuela and Wency Ventura
Adviser: Ms. Lois Ruth Villavicencio
Joash Isaac Santiago as Pinocchio
Anne Jomelle Hipolito as Ursula
Rosalie Clarin as Maleficent
Aaron dela Cruz as Jafar
Alyssa Hyacinth Reyes as Evil Queen
Willy Lloyd Austria Cruz as the Mirror and Geppetto (voice over)
Joannie Mharie Teodoro as Anastasia
Allen Chris Pagtalunan as Drizella
Ma. Joyzza Faundo as Mother Gothel
Ryan Renzo Calma as King of Hearts
Pauline Martinez as Queen of Hearts
Wency Ventura as Captain Hook
Head: Joannie Mharie Teodoro
Assistant Head: Katherine Mae Abuel
MARKETING Department
Head: Razhel Ann Rocha
Assistant Head: Pauline Martinez
PUBLICITY Department
Head: Jarmela France Sencio
Erminia Pedutem
HOUSE Department
Head: Kim Neroza
Mika Ella Estabillo
Erwin Paul Bagay
Razhel Ann Rocha
Faith Sangil
Head: Novy Rose Estacio
Assistant Head: Erwin Paul Bagay
SET AND PROPS Department
Heads: Aaron dela Cruz (Set) and Ma. Joyzza Faundo (Props)
Akira May Talavera
Erwin Paul Bagay
Sherylou dela Cruz
Novy Rose Estacio
Mika Ella Estabillo
Razhel Ann Rocha
MAKE-UP Department
Head: Anne Jomelle Hipolito
Rowell Erecido
Rosalie Clarin
Wency Ventura
Marionne Rosette Apolinar
Erminia Pedutem
COSTUME Department
Head: Jobelle Talento
Kamille Valenzuela
Christine Reyes
LIGHTS Department
Head: Jarmela France Sencio
SOUNDS Department
Head: Christine Reyes

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