Looking Back: Filling Out the Missing Puzzle Piece

Everyone has someone to whom they owe their success-little or not, their whole being and for what they are right now. As if puzzle pieces who helped us build who we are today and without them, it feels like a big chunk in ourselves wouldn’t be complete.

As for me, my Alma Mater definitely took a big part of building the ME that people get to know now. For 12 years, it literally became my second home and the people behind it were my second parents.

From time to time, I tend to look back how long has it been and how things are back there. And so I went to my roots and reminisced every moment of those 12 years it had given me–a feeling of nostalgia.

Alma Mater Matters. Even just a few blocks away from home, I could already see these words and feel as if everything comes rushing back to me for this institution helped me bloom, soar greater heights and fly with my own wings.
Feet On the Ground.  As I take these steps and look around, I’ve noticed it’s not the same anymore. It undergone various renovations but still I knew deep inside that beneath this new facade are the memories I keep and so I steadied myself, keeping my feet on the ground.
Still the Same. The colors may have changed, everything seemed to be better, I look up and still remember that everything is still the way it used to be. That every morning we would stop and put our hand on our chest and sing our hearts out, looking up, feeling proud, just like a proud LAMSIAN will always do.
Bittersweet. As I kept looking around, this is where petty fights lay down. I recalled all the misunderstandings this had witnessed and all the procrastination. Now it silently sits in here and continues to be an observer of other bittersweet memories.
Going Up, Going Down. Walking upstairs was almost scary for I do not know who the faculty teachers were anymore. As if I’m walking down the halls of yet another school but still at the back of my mind, I know these changes were for the better.It’s still the same LAMS that had brought me up at times when I felt down.
Sit Up. These used to be the tables and chairs that witnessed all the hardworks during our Mathematics class. These used to witness such sleepy heads in every class. (those days)
Handcraft. I do not recognize the new hands that have been molding this generation but I still do owe whoever joins the family as these hands also crafted the future of LAMS.
Used to Be. I used to be roaming around these halls, trying my best not to make a sound that distracts other rooms but sometimes I do fail and make a scene thus an unforgettable funny thing.
Long Tables, Long Convos. These tables witnessed our sharing of happiness and of course, our baon be it for snacks or lunch. Everyday was like a picnic for break times.
Laughter Filled the Air. Just like these young ones, we didn’t care what we looked like as we laugh at each other’s jokes, make faces to every weird lines we throw for as long as we were all together.
Serious Meetings, Creative Juices. In these tables also lie group meetings for tomorrow’s activity, squeezing all the creative juices just to achieve all we planned what was due the day after.
Reading? Fun. Despite long stories and plots sometimes we do not understand, everything was meant to be fun.
Write It Down. We wrote the memories-happy and sad in this institution. Every bit of it. And someday we would all look back together, again.
Laughing Out Loud. And then we would laugh out loud with all the inside jokes and funny happenings as if there’s no tomorrow.
Look Back. Because in the end, no matter how much it has changed, it is still the same home we’ve been coming back for 12 years and we will all be reunited when the time is right.

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