Looking Back: Filling Out the Missing Puzzle Piece

Everyone has someone to whom they owe their success-little or not, their whole being and for what they are right now. As if puzzle pieces who helped us build who we are today and without them, it feels like a big chunk in ourselves wouldn’t be complete. Continue reading “Looking Back: Filling Out the Missing Puzzle Piece”


Once Upon a Time in a Pool of Lies

We were all once a kid who loved the stories of fairy tales and happy endings–where the goodness prevails and conquers the evil.

We were once frightened by the dark magic and wicked schemes of the Ravenna the Evil Witch, Mother Gothel, Maleficent, Jafar,  Anastacia and Drizella the Stepsisters, Captain Hook, the King and Queen of Hearts, and Ursula.

They were characters in every book who we hated for bringing misfortune to our beloved princesses and princes. Their tales taught us to never take the footsteps of the likes of these antagonists for they are ‘bad’ examples.

Or so we thought. Continue reading “Once Upon a Time in a Pool of Lies”

Life full of Patterns

No Way but Up. Climbing all the way to the top is not as easy as 123s or ABCs for it requires hardwork and dedication. Stepping up during the beginning may be difficult but then you realize there’s no other way but to keep on moving forward for your dreams.
Round and Round. Going around in circles, not knowing where to go or getting confused about life–it is all normal to truly finding yourself. Just remember to put yourself out there and enjoy the beauty of life and you will never know, you found your true love.
Heads Up. When our faith wavers and hope falters, remember everything happens for a reason and continue to keep your head on the game and bring it all you’ve got to whatever battle you may face because in the end, it will be all worth it.
One Step at a Time.  Opportunities may come banging on your doors, just waiting for you to fully embrace them but then let us keep in mind to take it slowly but surely, making decisions where in we are a hundred percent sure.
Art of God.  Nature is truly the art of God, giving mankind a living, a reason to survive thus what we only needed to do is to give back the care and love it deserves.