Stitching back lost opportunities: Aurora’s story



It is never too late.

Lost in time somewhere in far, far away; you’re trapped in a castle you never wished to stay. With a prick of a needle and a curse, your chance to explore the world has vanished and you’ve been left all alone, vulnerable, waiting for a true love’s kiss. A century had passed, you will be awakened with thousands of things and memories you missed. Reality will then sink in. Continue reading “Stitching back lost opportunities: Aurora’s story”



You, standing right there
Waiting by the altar

Picturesque moment to view
Such a perfect moment of you
And our eyes finally met
And you gave that wonderful smile
I, astonished and charmed
Left the whole of me disarmed

Then our wedding song began
Tears betraying me
Everything I know about you was gone
As you looked somewhere far away
Somewhere I wished I could have stayed
But it was all too late
And I stand right here
One of the crowd
Hearing your vow
Supposed to be for me

Photo by Thea Panganiban