Life full of Patterns

No Way but Up. Climbing all the way to the top is not as easy as 123s or ABCs for it requires hardwork and dedication. Stepping up during the beginning may be difficult but then you realize there’s no other way but to keep on moving forward for your dreams.
Round and Round. Going around in circles, not knowing where to go or getting confused about life–it is all normal to truly finding yourself. Just remember to put yourself out there and enjoy the beauty of life and you will never know, you found your true love.
Heads Up. When our faith wavers and hope falters, remember everything happens for a reason and continue to keep your head on the game and bring it all you’ve got to whatever battle you may face because in the end, it will be all worth it.
One Step at a Time.  Opportunities may come banging on your doors, just waiting for you to fully embrace them but then let us keep in mind to take it slowly but surely, making decisions where in we are a hundred percent sure.
Art of God.  Nature is truly the art of God, giving mankind a living, a reason to survive thus what we only needed to do is to give back the care and love it deserves.

Perfectly Imperfect Strangers

Give it All, All for the Family. Mang Willie just about to call it a day as he goes home to be with his family.

Mang Willie, a 57 year-old man, works for Bulacan State University-Malolos Campus as a utility for 26 years already. In spite of still missing for his awaited promotion, Mang Willie kept his loyalty to the university. He owes the university for being able to provide a house for his family and a motorcycle to use at work.

For a simple man like Mang Willie, what is “success” and “perfection” for him?

Sa tagal ko dito sa trabaho ko, tagumpay na para sa pamilya ko na nakakakuha ako ng bahay para sa kanila. 
Sa atin naman, wala namang taong perpekto. Lahat tayo nagkakamali at kahit palalimin mo yong salitang yan o kahit pa ibahin mo, wala namang patutunguhan o ipagbabago ‘yon. Nilikha tayo ng Panginoon na hindi perpekto. Diyos lang ang perpekto.”

Education is the still Key. Anthony on search for the answers on his way to finishing his thesis and finally achieve his long awaited diploma.

Anthony, 42 years old, gave up his job overseas to continue his studies. Even though he had a profession which provided him an almost luxurious life, he went back to the Philippines to pursue what he thinks is still a missing piece to his whole being–a college degree, his college diploma.

For him, how does he describe “success” and “perfection?”

Ang success para sa akin, hindi lang yong naabot mo lahat ng gusto mo. Tinitignan ko kasi to kung paano at saan ako nagsimula, kung paano ko siya sinimulan. Hindi ko kinalimutan yong mga tao’t bagay na tumulak sa akin pataas para maabot yong mga pangarap ko at patuloy din akong nagpapasalamat sa kanila.

Ang perfection kasi, ang sinasabi is ito yong the absence of imperfections. Pero sad to say sa mundo natin napakahirap maghanap sa mundo ng isang perpekto. Para sakin, we just try to look at the totality, yong ganda. Mas tignan yong magagandang bagay.”

On Duty. Roland occupied on fulfilling his tasks as he guards the gates of BulSU Malolos Campus.

Similar with Mang Willie, the 22 years old security guard–Roland was able to provide himself a motorcycle he could use at work. Compared with other professions, he said that being a security guard made things easier for him as its workload is light with a good paying job.

Let’s hear what Roland could say about “success” and “perfection.”

Success? Para sa akin, yon yong pag may naipagmamalaki ka na, may naipundar ka nang masasabi mong iyo talaga.
Wala namang perpekto. Kahit mabait ka, o anumang magandang katangian, hindi naman basta ka nalang masasabihan bilang perpekto nang dahil doon.”