Movie Review: The Woman in Black 2

Forty years after the events of the original Woman in Black, Angel of Death brings a new cast of characters to Eel Marsh House (and its malevolent inhabitant). Fleeing from German attacks during World War II, a group of children and their teachers evacuate the city and take refuge in the dilapidated seaside residence. Relieved to be away from the warfront, the children begin exploring Eel Marsh House while the adults settle in – preparing to wait-out the war in the countryside.

However, when Edward (Oaklee Pendergast) starts acting strange, and scaring the other kids with stories of a shadowy ghost roaming the halls of the house, Eve Parkins (Phoebe Fox), begins to notice unexplainable phenomenon of her own – with haunting parallels to her own life. Yet, as Eve digs deeper into the mysteries (and tragedies) of Eel Marsh House, one thing becomes increasingly clear – the new occupants might have actually been safer back in war-torn London. (From

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You, standing right there
Waiting by the altar

Picturesque moment to view
Such a perfect moment of you
And our eyes finally met
And you gave that wonderful smile
I, astonished and charmed
Left the whole of me disarmed

Then our wedding song began
Tears betraying me
Everything I know about you was gone
As you looked somewhere far away
Somewhere I wished I could have stayed
But it was all too late
And I stand right here
One of the crowd
Hearing your vow
Supposed to be for me

Photo by Thea Panganiban