Once Upon a Time in a Pool of Lies

We were all once a kid who loved the stories of fairy tales and happy endings–where the goodness prevails and conquers the evil.

We were once frightened by the dark magic and wicked schemes of the Ravenna the Evil Witch, Mother Gothel, Maleficent, Jafar,  Anastacia and Drizella the Stepsisters, Captain Hook, the King and Queen of Hearts, and Ursula.

They were characters in every book who we hated for bringing misfortune to our beloved princesses and princes. Their tales taught us to never take the footsteps of the likes of these antagonists for they are ‘bad’ examples.

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VanEATy; the place to be

VanEATy Restocafe is one of the chic places in town! Located at PTT Station, McArthur Highway, Malolos, Bulacan you could already enjoy their sumptuous dishes plus the extraordinary resto cafe.

They offer a variety of appetizers, steaks, desserts, frappe shakes and drinks for a very reasonable price. Plus, they also provide entertainment for their customers as they have acoustic nights every Fridays and Saturdays and also, they plan different workshops like calligraphy workshops and others.

What I loved about them is that a few of their agenda is that they support local products available in Malolos, provide jobs, promote Filipino dishes and other Bulacan delicacies.

With its artsy place and mouthwatering meals, VanEATy Restocafe is definitely the place to be!

Visit them their Facebook page to know more about VanEATy Restocafe.

Movie Review: The Woman in Black 2

Forty years after the events of the original Woman in Black, Angel of Death brings a new cast of characters to Eel Marsh House (and its malevolent inhabitant). Fleeing from German attacks during World War II, a group of children and their teachers evacuate the city and take refuge in the dilapidated seaside residence. Relieved to be away from the warfront, the children begin exploring Eel Marsh House while the adults settle in – preparing to wait-out the war in the countryside.

However, when Edward (Oaklee Pendergast) starts acting strange, and scaring the other kids with stories of a shadowy ghost roaming the halls of the house, Eve Parkins (Phoebe Fox), begins to notice unexplainable phenomenon of her own – with haunting parallels to her own life. Yet, as Eve digs deeper into the mysteries (and tragedies) of Eel Marsh House, one thing becomes increasingly clear – the new occupants might have actually been safer back in war-torn London. (From screenrant.com)

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